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composition / состав, композиция, структура
имя существительное
composition, compound, makeup, train, constitution, consist
composition, design, contexture
structure, framework, pattern, composition, frame, texture
mixture, mix, blend, compound, composition, concoction
composition, work, opus, coordination
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
the nature of something's ingredients or constituents; the way in which a whole or mixture is made up.
the social composition of villages
a work of music, literature, or art.
Chopin's most romantic compositions
the preparing of text for printing by setting up the characters in order.
a legal agreement to pay an amount of money in lieu of a larger debt or other obligation.
His losses were as large as those of his friends, but in a secret composition in 1892 he paid just sixpence in the pound, only to recover so quickly that he was known to be very rich indeed by 1900.
In a number of instances, the choice of the artist commissioned to produce a portrait is as significant as the portrait's format or composition .
the composition of a new government was announced
Including him also helped Holbein to balance the composition , which is slightly weighted to the left in the drawing.
We are determined that the Armed Forces should better reflect the ethnic composition of the British population.
Here Sherman lauded the manner in which elements in Cezanne's pictures were adjusted for the sake of the composition , independent of laws of reality.
a theory is a composition of interrelated facts
the composition of a new government was announced in November
The other contests the students had to vie in were designing a book cover, radio jockeying, poetry composition , hairstyle, make-up, modelling and recitation.
Wood composition sheathing may be glued to polyurethane and isocyanurate slabs of insulation in the same way as EPS panels.
A particular problem with composition shingles is that due to the heat-softening, they become very prone to damage.