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composer / композитор, автор
имя существительное
composer, musician, melodist
author, writer, creator, composer, originator, mover
имя существительное
a person who writes music, especially as a professional occupation.
There are also composers who write concert music that cries out to be used in films.
Anyway, imagine for a second that you are the composer of music for television programmes.
His great grandfather was a great folk music composer in Norway and wrote a lot of fiddle tunes.
He was also a gifted music scholar, composer and pianist - a talent now beyond him due to his illness.
classical composer
A score like this from a composer as vital to contemporary music as Ligeti has to be recorded.
Igor Stravinsky was the first composer to have his complete works recorded while he was still alive.
You can play them as well, as the composer has included the sheet music for all nine tunes in the CD booklet.
In addition to his dramatic music, he was a notable composer of chamber music for strings.
On this view, a human being might be compared to a composer or songwriter creating a piece of music.
Mozart was her favourite composer