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comportment / поведение, манера держаться
имя существительное
behavior, conduct, demeanor, actions, action, comportment
манера держаться
comportment, port
имя существительное
behavior; bearing.
he displayed the comportment expected of the rightful king
But the move to censure clothes rather than behavior or comportment is dishonest in more ways than one.
There are notable resemblances between the two figures in their comportment and demeanor and, even more so, in their generalized, even-featured beauty.
It may not be criminal but, at the end of the day, is this the standard of ethical comportment that we expect from our senior public servants?
A simple example will illustrate the difference between this disturbed mode of comportment and a more primary manner of embodying temporality and culture.
From a worldly point of view, comportment and appearance were constitutive of identity - the self was, in other words, performative.
Men and women are expected to comply with different norms of behavior and bodily comportment .
YMCA members were not so desperate for social acceptance that they would accept without question those ideas of social behaviour and comportment so benevolently introduced to them by their middle-class patrons.
Evidently, comportment was the key to both characters.
It is hard to think of people more demure in rhetorical comportment than senior envoys of the UN or the British Foreign Office.
Their comportment and appearance are not kooky by any means.