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comport / вести себя, соответствовать, согласоваться
вести себя
behave, act, do, conduct oneself, carry, comport
correspond, match, meet, fit, conform, comport
agree, comport, quadrate, cotton, jibe
conduct oneself; behave.
articulate students who comported themselves well in television interviews
accord with; agree with.
the actions that comport with her own liberal views
Another pair of vases by Kitty Blake found £500 and a comport by H Price £720.
they do all that nature and art can do to comport with his will
the actions that comport with her own liberal views
There were the two world wars, during which he comported himself well.
In particular, how can doctors be persuaded to comport themselves as scientists?
Zevon was a fine songrwriter and performer who comported himself with great dignity after he announced his fatal illness.
I think it was a very, very important day in American history, and the judges comported themselves as if it were a very important day.
But throughout she comported herself with dignity, went off and studied law and just got on with her life.
But nobody bothers to pay attention to the way the subjects comport themselves .
Before we permit democratic institutions to subject an offender to ridicule, scorn, and humiliation, we have to ask whether this kind of punishment comports with evolving standards of decency and the dignity of humankind.