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component / компонент, деталь, составная часть
имя существительное
component, constituent element
detail, part, piece, component, member, feature
составная часть
component, element, ingredient, constituent, obverse, principle
имя прилагательное
composite, compound, component, constituent, complex, multiple
component, composing
имя прилагательное
constituting part of a larger whole; constituent.
light passed through a prism breaks up into its component colors
имя существительное
a part or element of a larger whole, especially a part of a machine or vehicle.
stereo components
It is clear that dietary fibre is a key component in whole grain that delivers health benefits.
The talent was outstanding and the cultural component was handled with the proper respect.
The Russian entrepreneurs constitute a component part of the world capitalist elite.
The internal combustion engine is an integral component of a vehicle and one that baffles many people.
Complex Phobias include phobias that have a number of component fears.
From these data, the total score and two component scores were derived for each student.
Items scores were summed to produce a total unless data for any component question were missing.
Remove that component and the whole enterprise could fold, denying a further service to the community.
All this is not separate from, but rather an important component of, good economic management.
The machines used to read the biometric component of those passports are not available.