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complimentary / приветственный, лестный, поздравительный
имя прилагательное
welcoming, greeting, complimentary, salutatory, testimonial, complimental
flattering, complimentary
congratulatory, complimentary, complimental
имя прилагательное
expressing a compliment; praising or approving.
Jennie was very complimentary about Kathy's riding
given or supplied free of charge.
a complimentary bottle of wine
They read it at tempo, at sight and were very complimentary about the arrangement.
The second was rather less complimentary and said he was more non-League than World Cup winner.
Each quiz entrant will receive a complimentary strip of tickets for the raffle that will take place during the night.
Sammy smiled and said something complimentary about the cooking smells.
We have received some very complimentary remarks from our customers about the facilities and the services we offer.
At most, I could get a complimentary bottle of wine, but inspiration came free, he said.
He was, if anything, less complimentary than the inspector had been.
Even the odd complimentary remark can annoy me a little.
Some of the stalls offered their own product discounts and complimentary gifts, to encourage customer sales.
Although the report is complimentary about many facets of life in the maximum security prison, it says work is needed to improve in some of the key areas.