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complication / осложнение, сложность, запутанность
имя существительное
complication, sequela
complexity, complication, intricacy, complicacy, multiplicity, delicacy
involvement, entanglement, complexity, intricacy, complication, involution
имя существительное
a circumstance that complicates something; a difficulty.
there is a complication concerning ownership of the site
a secondary disease or condition aggravating an already existing one.
she developed complications after the surgery
How is it different from the AI in a typical shooter, and how much complication did these differences add?
His relationship to his legally native, but culturally adopted, country is an area of complication he leaves aside in this self-portrait.
This complication is circumvented by using the matrix approach described earlier to obtain a first crude estimate of the price of the equivalent nonconvertible bond.
Of those, 818 have had diabetes at least 10 years and have developed kidney disease, a common complication of diabetes.
I don't think there wasn't much complication in this case.
Of course, the immediate step is to embrace the sport of complication with academic fervour.
There are people who never have any hardships in life, no complication , no confusion.
It was a happy complication but a complication nonetheless.
there is a complication concerning ownership of the site
The standard setting seemed fine on all occasions, so the end result is complication and rather inconsistent responses.