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complicated / сложный, осложненный, запутанный
имя прилагательное
complex, complicated, sophisticated, compound, intricate, composite
entangled, tangled, intricate, complicated, knotty, tricky
имя прилагательное
consisting of many interconnecting parts or elements; intricate.
a complicated stereo system
involving complications.
complicated appendicitis
make (something) more difficult or confusing by causing it to be more complex.
middlemen can complicate the process
It gets more complicated when countries with different cultures and values are included in the discussion.
As you get to the more complicated and perplexing aspects of physical science you reach a quagmire in having a unified answer.
The success of the London Underground map is in its portrayal of an exceedingly complicated system in a way that is mostly accurate and mostly useful.
The series was intended to look at this complicated issue from different angles.
It's essential for language that you can always put together simple elements to make more complicated elements.
The country has sophisticated forest legislation which is so complicated and intricate [it runs to 10,000 pages] that even forestry officials can hardly work it out.
This is when you start adding in complicated elements to your work.
That situation reflects the necessity of different approaches to capture different aspects of a very complicated historical and contemporary reality.
Many of course arrive here as refugees, which adds a further complex element to an already complicated situation.
Meanwhile, women with complicated pregnancies requiring the services of an obstetrician have to travel three hours round trip to find a doctor.