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complicate / усложнять, осложнять
complicate, tangle, perplex, puzzle, ravel, intricate
complicate, compound, complex, entangle
make (something) more difficult or confusing by causing it to be more complex.
middlemen can complicate the process
middlemen can complicate the process
As I can see it, there are two factors that start to complicate the game, somewhat affecting its gameplay.
smoking may complicate pregnancy
smoking may complicate pregnancy
Other factors can also complicate the interpretation of estimates of percentage change.
There are wide-ranging social and economic factors which complicate things.
increased choice will complicate matters for the consumer
He needs a friend, not a girlfriend who will just complicate what's really important.
There are a number of factors which complicate choices about smallpox either for governments or for individuals.
Trends in the number of patients colonised on admission may also complicate interpretation of outcomes.