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complexity / сложность, запутанность, запутанное дело
имя существительное
complexity, complication, intricacy, complicacy, multiplicity, delicacy
involvement, entanglement, complexity, intricacy, complication, involution
запутанное дело
complexity, complicacy
имя существительное
the state or quality of being intricate or complicated.
an issue of great complexity
So we see an increasing technical complexity and sophistication, but a decreasing level of serious thought and discussion.
For one, we must appreciate the sheer complexity of the operating system on its own terms.
All these transformations cannot increase the inherent complexity of a language.
The issue of cloning has added further complexity to what was already difficult ethical territory.
I thought maybe irreducible complexity was a problem that biology needed to solve.
That is, complexity can only be built, bit by simple bit, from simplicity that works.
an issue of great complexity
an issue of great complexity
The scale and complexity of the investigation is enormous and presents significant challenges.
However, this level of complexity isn't restricted to the political stories.