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completion / завершение, окончание, заключение
имя существительное
completion, perfection, end, conclusion, finality, finishing
end, ending, completion, termination, finish, finishing
conclusion, imprisonment, custody, closing, inference, completion
имя существительное
the action or process of finishing something.
funds for the completion of the new building
Launched amid fanfare in 1997, private and public investors will have pumped in €7bn by the 15-year completion date.
the risk stays with the seller until completion
Recently the law firm of McCarthy Tetrault has been retained to expedite completion of the registration process.
funds for the completion of the new building
work on the new golf course is nearing completion
The likely completion date will be the end of 2009 or early 2010.
He did not allow a pass completion on his side of the field.
An animal model study will be required to confirm a greater strength of double-layer repairs after completion of the healing process.
This contract is nearing completion and will be finished on time at the beginning of July.
Problems might be fine-tuned in advance before project completion dates.