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complementarity / взаимодополняемость
имя существительное
a complementary relationship or situation.
a culture based on the complementarity of men and women
Frayn ingeniously links several other physics metaphors, from Scrodinger's wave equation to complementarity and the disintegration of the radioactive elements.
a culture based on the complementarity of men and women
By and large, the principle of complementarity enshrined in the Rome Statute of the ICC seems sound: as a rule it is for national courts to adjudicate on international crimes.
The complementarity manifested in quantum laws reflects the inability of our classical concepts to accommodate the richness and subtlety of the world, and removes the Cartesian divide that insulates the observer from the observed.
The reciprocity that one talks about is the complementarity of legislation where one State authorises a judge to travel to take evidence and another State says, ‘Welcome, we will give you the facilities.’
The use of the ICC is further caveated by the principle of complementarity , which requires that national criminal jurisdiction will first have to be shown to be an unviable option, before the ICC mechanism can be accessed.
Bohr may be thought to have got perilously close to this when he suggested that complementarity could shed light on the age-old question of determinism and free will in relation to human nature.
The important factors were the existence of a smooth working relationship and technological complementarity .
Under the principle of complementarity , States that have jurisdiction over a particular incident have the opportunity to investigate and prosecute.
But the Pentagon and its congressional allies were not satisfied with the principle of complementarity as protection against unjustified prosecutions.