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competitor / конкурент, соперник
имя существительное
competitor, rival, contestant
rival, contender, competitor, contestant, adversary, antagonist
имя существительное
an organization or country that is engaged in commercial or economic competition with others.
our main industrial competitors
It is a startling admission for a competitor in one of the most solitary of sporting arenas.
If a contest ends in a tie on points, then the competitor with the most points before penalties were deducted is the winner.
Enerco in turn entered into a back to back agreement with Anglo, the main competitor of BFL.
A company could be right in the middle of its launch campaign when a competitor releases a rival product.
The company argues that it will become a serious competitor to BT in the business services market.
It has the backing of both Synopsys and its main competitor , Cadence Design Systems.
Investigations finally revealed the identity of the caller, a business competitor .
Although the American is a terrific competitor , she does not get the most from her ability.
That advantage for their American competitor has haunted the Europeans for a long time.
The field also included a blind competitor and runners from all over the UK.