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competition / соискание, конкурс, конкуренция
имя существительное
contest, competition
competition, rivalry, contention
competition, contest, emulation, game, meet, contention
match, contest, competition, duel, tug, rush
имя существительное
the activity or condition of competing.
there is fierce competition between banks
We'll be showing more international cricket than all the competition put together, they said.
Its development comes after years of public squabbling as competition from events in other British cities has grown.
at this conservatory, competition for admissions is stiff
the competition for university places is greater than ever this year
Young wasn't aware of any tendering or competition for the contract.
The firm received $240,000 for its work, facing no competition for the contract.
Plant and animal competition is most marked on fertile soils of eutrophic forests and grasslands.
TV stations ought to refrain from excessive competition for ratings.
If the three branches provided the same or similar function, competition between them could arise.
Some of the constituencies may be hotly contested and therefore, competition is likely to be stiff.