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competent / компетентный, знающий, авторитетный
имя прилагательное
competent, qualified, able, adequate, au fait
knowing, aware, competent, acquainted, informed, experienced
authoritative, prestigious, magisterial, competent, established, grave
имя прилагательное
having the necessary ability, knowledge, or skill to do something successfully.
a highly competent surgeon
That our appeals to competent authority were wholly inconsistent doesn't matter.
I'm not competent to give any opinion on it
Most importantly, he is also a very competent member of a trawler's crew, capable of gutting the fish fast enough to keep the packers happy.
In Germany and The Netherlands, for example, the protocol can be submitted to both the competent authority and the ethics committee simultaneously.
The Federation is by far the most competent (another reason to play them) in terms of technology, economy and sheer size.
Workers experience autonomy within the work organization when they feel competent to act alone.
In some cases, things may have happened (e.g. a conviction by a competent court or action being taken with a view to removal) which justify detention.
The corrected reticulocyte index should be elevated in patients with an acute anemia but a competent bone marrow.
One of the most common features of death row cases in Texas is the lack of adequate or competent defense.
However it appears to the Environment Agency that the ancient navigable status of the Thames at Hedsor has never been extinguished by statute or by any other competent authority.