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compensation / компенсация, возмещение, вознаграждение
имя существительное
compensation, satisfaction, indemnification, offset, reimbursement, indemnity
compensation, reimbursement, recovery, redress, indemnity, reparation
reward, remuneration, fee, compensation, payment, gratification
имя существительное
something, typically money, awarded to someone as a recompense for loss, injury, or suffering.
seeking compensation for injuries suffered at work
seeking compensation for injuries suffered at work
Overall employee compensation has gone up - but mostly due to a surge in bonuses and stock-option exercises.
Most companies say they use the funds for employee benefits or executive compensation .
Contributions made by your employer are based on compensation that you would have received had you not been an active member of the armed forces.
He told the tribunal board of two men - both wearing suits and ties - and a woman, that he was seeking compensation for injury to his feelings.
the gray streets of London were small compensation for the loss of her beloved Africa
The illustration would show ISU employees their total compensation , salary plus benefits.
But I think the executive compensation is completely out of hand.
The principle of compensation is the key concept of Jungian psychodynamics, in that it is central to Jung's understanding of how the psyche adapts and develops in the course of the life cycle.
The public perception, reflected in a series of recent surveys, is that we are now far more likely to seek compensation for perceived injuries than we were a decade ago.