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compendious / краткий, сжатый
имя прилагательное
brief, summary, short, concise, succinct, compendious
compressed, short, concise, tight, succinct, compendious
имя прилагательное
containing or presenting the essential facts of something in a comprehensive but concise way.
a compendious study
Folklore and legends were retold by the bards, who used devices such as alliteration and rhyme, as well as a compendious store of stock phrases, to aid memorisation and recall, allowing them to instantly ‘compose’ a poem for any occasion.
This book details the social lives of children and includes compendious and informative summaries of attachment theory, friendship formation, group power and function, gender issues, and child psychology.
This is a massive, compendious and copiously researched book that tells the whole of what used to be called ‘our island story’.
Housing land supply was exhaustively examined by the local plan inquiry Inspector, who had compendious , borough-wide evidence before him, including information on all potential housing sites.
Long before Shakespeare's death the playwrights had lost confidence in their power to offer a conspectus or compendious view.
His compendious book, then, ranges from dry speculation on geology to exquisite description of flora, spangled with remarkably apt epigrams.
Now, another problem with that paragraph is that it seeks to deal in a compendious manner with disparate kinds of corroborative evidence.
Our learned friends seek to restrict the word ‘obvious’ to the most narrow meaning possible - that is not the way it has been dealt with - and our friends ignore the fact that it is a compendious concept.
His book is compendious in its scope, taking in three decades of street life in Los Angeles, a century of the city's police force, and a dramatis personae that runs to five and a half pages.
In An American Dilemma, a compendious study of American racism, another foreign observer, Sweden's Gunnar Myrdal, recognized the self-correcting nature of what he too called the American Creed.