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compatible / совместимый, сочетаемый
имя прилагательное
compatible, consistent, consonant, reconcilable
имя прилагательное
(of two things) able to exist or occur together without conflict.
the fruitiness of Beaujolais is compatible with a number of meat dishes
имя существительное
a computer that can use software designed for another make or type.
For many, obviously, this signals quite a milestone - seeing as non-Mac desktop computers used to be referred to as IBM compatibles .
Education ministry officials claimed that the statute would be entirely compatible with the provisions of the 1999 Bologna Declaration, which sets out standards for higher education.
Finally, his valorisation of tolerance above all other things, is all too compatible with injustice (albeit that such a notion may not have the same ring in the minds of torturers as it will in the minds of victims).
Several detection methods exist that are compatible with the maximum information method.
Whether or not your laptop's dialing software was compatible with the hotel's PBX was a matter of doubt.
In fact, the European Union has a law guaranteeing the legality of reverse-engineering for the purpose of creating compatible software or devices.
The first feature is that perception aims at truth, though in a way that is compatible with us being able to disbelieve our perceptions.
There are many otherwise viable cosmological models that are not compatible with the observation that human observers exist.
This suggests that recognising authority is quite compatible with trusting, and that one can rationally trust someone with great power, at least so far as we recognise that person as an authority.
The main network protocols are open for anyone to use and produce compatible software.
The remit should be to independently evaluate the agreed programme for spending and tax reductions to ensure that they are compatible with the needs of the economy as a whole and to protect the undoubted gains of recent years.