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compassion / сострадание, сочувствие, жалость
имя существительное
compassion, sympathy, pity, mercy, ruth, rue
sympathy, compassion, empathy, feeling, commiseration, condolence
pity, compassion, remorse, ruth, rue
sympathize, compassion, commiserate, compassionate, feel for, condole
имя существительное
sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others.
the victims should be treated with compassion
At home, she was always taught that compassion and understanding came before judgment.
There is not one word of compassion or concern for the inevitable victims of another onslaught.
It is true that a small act of love and compassion moves the world and touches people.
the victims should be treated with compassion
He demands no sympathy, but his articulate analysis enlists our compassion all the same.
It could have been a testament to the horror of war and the need for love and compassion .
This fact alone should ensure that we as a civilised country treat animals with more compassion .
Yet, the justice system frequently shows mercy and compassion to those responsible.
Gentleness and compassion cannot coexist with aggression and hatred toward others.
When disaster falls or tragedy strikes, what are the borders of our emotions and our compassion ?