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compartmentalize / компартментализовать
divide into sections or categories.
he had the ability to compartmentalize his life
Maybe it speaks to my ability to hide my feelings/thoughts/past, or maybe it speaks to my ability to compartmentalize my thoughts/feelings/past, or maybe it's just a part of moving on and moving apart.
And so is she, although obviously, being a woman she is able to compartmentalize this sort of thing better.
This will allow you to fully compartmentalize your chest into upper and lower sections and to focus more intensely on each area.
As such, strategies that tend to compartmentalize individuals into arbitrary categories are not likely to be effective.
I further suggest that the human capacity to compartmentalize categories of thinking is sufficiently great as to permit simultaneous belief in assertions that are contradictory.
They keep these worlds separate and tend to compartmentalize any dissonance they might feel.
In addition, this method of inquiry asks community members to separate or compartmentalize specific components of their environment.
he had the ability to compartmentalize his life
he had the ability to compartmentalize his life
It is one of a kind, from an era before the compartmentalization of popular music into discrete and generally predictable categories robbed it of most of its surprise and much of its interest.