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compartment / отсек, отделение, купе
имя существительное
compartment, bay, cell, capsule
separation, department, branch, compartment, secession, detachment
compartment, stateroom
имя существительное
a separate section or part of something, in particular.
a grassy mound or other support depicted below a shield.
divide (something) into separate parts or sections.
the buildings are to be compartmented by fire walls
passenger compartment
I forgot to mention that the PA system in our compartment doesn't work.
That sound was probably just part of the brakes, and I now see that a freight train is passing us on the right (our compartment is on the left).
I only discovered our fridge had a freezer compartment 6 weeks ago.
Vronsky noticed the charming woman as he made his way to the first-class compartment that he shared with his mother.
the aft cargo compartment
We reserved 6 reclining seats - 3 and 3 facing each other in a closed compartment .
He turned back to the aft compartment , and then paused.
a first-class compartment
It also features a separate shoe compartment to store and protect shoes up to size U.S. men's 13.