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comparator / компаратор
имя существительное
a device for comparing a measurable property or thing with a reference or standard.
The spacing of the 1,0 reflections was measured with a comparator .
The court affirmed the jury verdict in favor of the professor, concluding that she properly identified a specific male comparator, even though the comparator was outside of her department.
It is no better or worse a comparator than the electricity authority.
The spacing of the 1,0 reflections was measured with a comparator .
Using the OAL gauge with the test bullet in place, simply insert the bullet into the comparator and measure the distance from the base of the cartridge.
The latching comparator detects any incoming signal that is above the stored negative voltage reference.
even taking the most favourable comparator the company is about 20 per cent higher
A comparator connects to the drain circuitry of the input transistors which supplies and offsets voltage to the comparator .
The apparatus is constructed of two adders, a comparator and a multiplexer, and the next address is selected from the output of either of the two adders based on the output of the comparator .
The stored negative voltage is used as the negative voltage reference of the latching comparator .
But, especially where the identity of the relevant comparator is a matter of dispute, this sequential analysis may give rise to needless problems.