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comparative / сравнительный, относительный
имя прилагательное
comparative, relative
relative, relational, comparative, relatival
имя существительное
сравнительная степень
имя прилагательное
perceptible by comparison; relative.
he returned to the comparative comfort of his own home
of or involving comparison between two or more branches of science or subjects of study.
comparative religion
(of an adjective or adverb) expressing a higher degree of a quality, but not the highest possible (e.g., braver ; more fiercely ).
What I'm interested in is how the comparative adjective form wronger is pronounced.
имя существительное
a comparative adjective or adverb.
There is much silliness abroad on the ‘logic’ governing the use of comparatives and superlatives.
Over the next four years, we also hope to include subjects such as human rights, international environmental law, comparative cultural studies and research methodology.
And then she's always wanted to study comparative religions at university or train as a counsellor.
They provide comparative indicators of the relative well-being of various socioeconomic groups.
Now that we have the actual contracts, this comparative exercise is relatively straightforward.
In this way, he was - whether we agree with his theory or not - perhaps the first developer of what would later be called comparative economic systems analysis.
She attended the University of California, Berkeley, earning several degrees including a B.A. in comparative literature and an M.F.A. in studio art.
Back at Rutgers, he completed all but his dissertation in pursuit of a doctoral degree in comparative literature.
What is the estimated comparative risk associated with regular lipstick use, as opposed to using dietary supplements such as bitter orange?
At the outbreak of the Revolution in 1917, the family was compelled to leave Russia, and they eventually settled just outside Brussels, where they managed to lead a life of comparative comfort.
The particle H serves to provide a disjunctive or comparative conjunction between separate ideas or convictions.