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companionship / общение, товарищеские отношения, дружеское общение
имя существительное
communication, communion, intercourse, association, companionship, touch
товарищеские отношения
companionship, comradeship
дружеское общение
companionship, consuetude
имя существительное
a feeling of fellowship or friendship.
But alas, females enjoy friendly male companionship and figure the news can wait.
None was like him, and so none could provide fellowship or companionship for him.
Officers promoted from the ranks say they miss the easy friendliness and companionship of the mess deck but it is hard to see how.
He also told me that companionship can grow to friendship then to intimacy then finally to love.
the love and companionship of a husband
It is a plaintive ode to the joys of platonic love and companionship .
The dance revolves around the idea that children from poor backgrounds need companionship and love.
Friends provide companionship and support when things go wrong, and are a social group with whom we share values and beliefs.
It's aim is to bring people together for companionship in the first instance, said Mrs Shepherd.
Maybe it was the drop in her history grade, or the lost companionship of her best friend.
In most of the islands, music is made to keep people together and enhance their companionship .