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compact / компактный, плотный, малогабаритный
имя прилагательное
compact, compacted, dense, tight, indiscrete
dense, tight, thick, solid, close, compact
имя существительное
contract, agreement, treaty, pact, compact, covenant
agreement, convention, deal, arrangement, contract, compact
прессованная пудра
thicken, compact, compress, pack, firm, tighten
compress, squeeze, clench, contract, constrict, compact
имя прилагательное
closely and neatly packed together; dense.
a compact cluster of houses
composed or made up of.
towns compact of wooden houses
имя существительное
a small flat case containing face powder, a mirror, and a powder puff.
Looking once more in her compact 's mirror, she got out of the limo and ran up to hug him.
a mass of powdered metal compacted together in preparation for sintering.
Most titanium metal powders currently available in commercial quantities do not have sufficient purity to produce ductile metal compacts .
a formal agreement or contract between two or more parties.
All the Liberal Party candidates refused to sign the compact .
exert force on (something) to make it more dense; compress.
the soil may be compacted by iron oxide
make or enter into (a formal agreement) with another party or parties.
the Democratic Party compacted an alliance with dissident groups
Therefore, the shell wall is not compact or dense and is, in fact, poorly defined.
The protein units appear to be packed in a compact hexagonal way and from the position and distribution of the spots it is possible to derive some structural parameters.
Veréd Cosmetiqué's bronzing powder is encased in a beautiful silver compact with a mirror and separate compartment for the brush applicator.
The centroid linkage method was utilized because of the way it can maximize compact clusters composed of similar cases.
He said that pasta's dense, compact nature means that it is digested more slowly than other starches.
If you have a good printer or photo studio, you will hardly be able to tell them from work by a conventional compact .
As a result, this complete yet compact book is crowded.
I think our center will compact to the density of a neutron star.
Trumpf will display the VectorMark compact , a valuable tool for various industrial and commercial marking tasks.
It was that very success that encouraged the community of nations to try its collective hand at drafting a similar compact to deal with global warming.