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comp / соревнование, аккомпаниатор, наборщик
имя существительное
competition, contest, emulation, game, meet, comp
accompanist, comp
compositor, typesetter, comp
имя существительное
short for:.
play (music) as an accompaniment, especially in jazz or blues.
if someone is comping chord changes, there are more textured harmonies
give (something) away free, especially as part of a promotion.
the management did graciously comp our wine selection
имя прилагательное
complimentary; free.
the average fan was unable to get comp press tickets
‘You hear about small businesses actually going out of business over workers' comp ,’ she says.
By design, comp time is intended to reduce employee pay as a trade-off for shorter hours.
I felt momentarily obliged to offer him a cookie, if not a hug and a comp ticket for the clue train.
My action was more than enough to warrant the casino to fully comp my stay, including shows, gourmet dinning rooms, amazing suites, and of course first class airfare reimbursement for two.
I'll have to come back to this one later as my comp time is limited right now, but feel free to have your say.
He did note that she had come close towards getting discounted or comp surgery when she was researching her book.
We did vocals and guitars and saxes and weird noises during the day, and I'd go back to my hotel at night and comp vocals and make rough mixes.
Direct losses include claims under property coverage, workers' comp , life and accident, business interruption, general liability and more.
Think of an executive, in town for local meetings, who gets comp tickets to a baseball game from a client.
With the sauce, however, it was palatable, and I told the hostess that she didn't have to comp it.