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commute / смягчать, переключать, заменять
soften, mitigate, remit, alleviate, moderate, commute
switch, toggle, shift, commute, throw over
replace, substitute, surrogate, interchange, change, commute
travel some distance between one's home and place of work on a regular basis.
she commuted from Westport in to Grand Central Station
reduce (a judicial sentence, especially a sentence of death) to one less severe.
the governor recently commuted the sentences of dozens of women convicted of killing their husbands
(of two operations or quantities) have a commutative relationship.
Formal properties of differential operators are studied in many of his contributions, in particular in his early papers he worked on commuting differential operators.
имя существительное
a regular journey of some distance to and from one's place of work.
The second is the transport revolution that has made the distance that people can cover in their daily commute greater by the decade.
You see, the Governor can commute a death sentence.
Teachers are so eager to work there some of those who were hired willingly make a daily commute of nearly four hours to come to work.
By bike, it's a 15 minute commute to the new place.
I've gone from a two-hour commute to enjoying a five-minute stroll to work.
It is a mathematical theory that studies topology using matrices, using operators that don't commute with each another.
We first meet Irene on a subway train during her daily commute to work.
It is not uncommon, workers said, for their daily commute to take three or four hours each way, most of it spent waiting in line for transportation.
The eligible termination payment once again includes circumstances where a person can commute a pension in whole or in part?
The trustee claimed to be entitled to elect under the policy to commute part of the annuity for a tax free lump sum.
Do you commute to work or spend a lot of time travelling to meetings and conferences?