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commutation / коммутация, замена, переключение
имя существительное
replacement, exchange, change, substitution, substitute, commutation
switching, switch, shift, shifting, changeover, commutation
смягчение наказания
commutation, relaxation
имя существительное
action or the process of commuting a judicial sentence.
Jones then applied to the State Board of Pardons and Parole for commutation of the sentence to life imprisonment, which was denied.
the process of commutating an electric current.
A main switching element is provided to turn ON and OFF an input voltage, and a synchronous commutating switching element is provided to perform synchronous commutation of a load current.
the property of having a commutative relation.
This discussion has not covered commutation of the construction stages, another important property of the PDN-theorem.
Very many DC motors (brush-type) have built-in commutation , meaning that as the motor rotates, mechanical brushes automatically commutate coils on the rotor.
This discussion has not covered commutation of the construction stages, another important property of the PDN-theorem.
The death penalty may only be imposed for the most serious crimes with sentenced persons enjoying the right to seek a pardon or other commutation of the sentence.
Prior to this amendment the tax treatment of lump sum payments from pension funds such as the commutation of one-third of the total value of retirement benefits was based on interpretation of the legislation.
Those who serve a set sentence and are entitled to a commutation of their sentence would have to serve between 20 to 30 years in prison, instead of the original minimum of seven years.
It was here that we found the four petitions that sought pardon or commutation of his death penalty.
The president can stop executions by granting executive clemency or a commutation of the sentence.
making a one-off lump sum in commutation of your pension rights
From their own pocket and without any access to commutation or pension entitlements.
Regulation 3 permits a scheme to provide for commutation of the whole of the benefit where the pension credit member has a brief life expectancy or where the pension payable would be nominal.