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communicate / сообщить, сообщать, передавать
report, inform, communicate, let know, reportage
inform, report, communicate, tell, announce, advise
pass, transmit, transfer, send, convey, communicate
share or exchange information, news, or ideas.
the prisoner was forbidden to communicate with his family
receive Holy Communion.
Be it a street play, a hard day's labour in the fields or popular films, songs are a part of Indian life and communicate the inner feelings.
the ability of good teachers to communicate their own enthusiasm
Don't forget to communicate with employees about how changes in procedures can benefit everyone.
Without the ability to communicate efficiently, individual effectiveness in presenting our ideas will inevitably be reduced.
But it taught me how to communicate ideas quickly and tailor information to an audience.
orthodox policy is to communicate in both kinds (i.e. both bread and wine)
In the month I was trekking, I was in unable to communicate with the outside world, and no news got to me.
the prisoner was forbidden to communicate with his family
Interns learn to communicate their ideas with both scientists and their peers.
It is worthwhile for the benefits it can bring with increased interest in learning, fuller cultural identity and awareness, and better ability to communicate together.