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commotion / волнение, волнения, смятение
имя существительное
excitement, unrest, agitation, emotion, worry, commotion
unrest, disturbance, commotion, trouble, tumult, disorder
confusion, disarray, turmoil, tumult, commotion, agitation
имя существительное
a state of confused and noisy disturbance.
she was distracted by a commotion across the street
A neighbour was alerted by the commotion and the Metropolitan Police and an ambulance were called.
Aaron held him down though, preventing any commotion that would endanger our lives as well as the captains.
He went outside on the second floor balcony of his house to see what the commotion was all about in their garden.
they set off firecrackers to make a lot of commotion
she was distracted by a commotion across the street
A passing cab driver, who heard the commotion and spotted the fire coming from the flat, called police.
Police said one of his neighbours heard the commotion and chased the suspect towards the nearby pub where he lost sight of him.
Alerted by the commotion the burglar was disturbed and chased by pub regulars but he got away.
damage caused by civil commotion
The city was quiet, in the lull between the commotion and bustle of the day and the casual activity of night.