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commonwealth / содружество, государство, федерация
имя существительное
commonwealth, concord, fraternity, family, commonweal
state, nation, polity, realm, commonwealth, land
federation, confederation, alliance, commonweal, commonwealth
имя существительное
an independent country or community, especially a democratic republic.
It was a liberal empire and a democratic commonwealth , and its aim, as with America in the Philippines, was to prepare its components for self-government.
an international association consisting of the UK together with states that were previously part of the British Empire, and dependencies. The British monarch is the symbolic head of the Commonwealth.
the general good.
The notion of a commonwealth , of a common good, is disappearing.
It has not happened because the commonwealth lacks the constitutional power and the states have never all agreed to relinquish responsibility.
The Union of Lublin in 1569 united Poland and Lithuania into a commonwealth .
At any rate, chances are we would remain a member of the commonwealth if we became a republic, so we would be recognising this ‘living heritage’ regardless of whether we were a monarchy or republic.
Despite political initiatives aimed at redefining Guam's status as a U.S. commonwealth , it remained an unincorporated territory as the twentieth century ended.
He pointed out that the commonwealth had the power, under international environmental treaties, to stop any development that was threatening protected wetlands.
If Puerto Ricans vote to become a state, there will be a huge push by the Democrats to admit this largely Democratic commonwealth to the U.S. as the 51st state.
This is Beacon Hill, the state house for the commonwealth of Massachusetts.
Luckily for American visitors, Puerto Rico is very much a U.S. commonwealth , with English widely spoken and the dollar the coin of the realm.
Comparisons might be drawn between these early kingdoms and a commonwealth of nations, each gradually seeking independence from the old imperial, provincial, or colonial structures to which they had once been subject.
‘The same way counterfeit money threatens the economy of the commonwealth of Virginia,’ said Del.