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commonly / обычно, обыкновенно, плохо
usually, generally, commonly, ordinarily, mostly, as a rule
usually, commonly, ordinarily, mostly
poorly, badly, ill, amiss, illy, commonly
very often; frequently.
BSE, commonly called mad cow disease
The commonly held view of soap operas is that they don't truly represent real life.
They are certainly large in children of primary school age who are commonly taught the recorder.
The giant structures are more commonly seen on rural hillsides than in busy city centres.
The guide has also got some very interesting other facts on commonly muddled words.
They are most commonly found on the legs.
This species is also commonly cultivated for its cut flowers and is an outstanding garden plant.
shift workers commonly complain of not getting enough sleep
BSE, commonly called mad cow disease
a commonly used industrial chemical
The tower is commonly known to be the oldest building in the whole of Oxford.