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commonality / общность
имя существительное
community, commonality, communion, solidarity, alliance, sympathy
имя существительное
the state of sharing features or attributes.
a commonality of interest ensures cooperation
Centralizing security responsibilities has the downside of making our security more brittle, by instituting a commonality of approach and a uniformity of thinking.
noble intent lifts you as hero above the commonality
a commonality of interest ensures cooperation
the explanations show a high degree of commonality in their reasoning
First, we have aligned ourselves with all other chambers and associations where we find a commonality in thinking and purpose.
The rifles in service from 1893 until the middle of the 20th century display a strong commonality of handling features.
But these two bands share far more than a commonality of inspiration.
She seems to have found an identity here; a commonality of purpose; a collective longing for the old country and known gods and familiar people.
He does not often pay for his own petrol; he does not understand what the commonality might actually want from a visitor attraction.
The commonality amongst most types of Cuban art is the brilliant use of vivid, bold.