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common / общий, распространенный, обычный
имя прилагательное
general, common, overall, generic, joint, global
common, spread, prevalent, extended, accepted, diffuse
common, conventional, regular, normal, ordinary, usual
имя существительное
pasture, common, paddock, feed, pastureland
здравый смысл
common sense, sense, good sense, savvy, wisdom, common
имя прилагательное
occurring, found, or done often; prevalent.
salt and pepper are the two most common seasonings
showing a lack of taste and refinement; vulgar.
It's almost as common and vulgar as chewing gum while you're serving customers.
shared by, coming from, or done by more than one.
the two republics' common border
(in Latin and certain other languages) of or denoting a gender of nouns that are conventionally regarded as masculine or feminine, contrasting with neuter.
(of a syllable) able to be either short or long.
имя существительное
a piece of open land for public use, especially in a village or town.
It will be designed to protect its amenities and preserve its open nature as a public common .
(in the Christian Church) a form of service used for each of a group of occasions.
The common fly already knows its way, in and out of the fly-bottle, and anywhere else it wants to go.
In civil cases, experts are now invited to work out common positions and identify areas of disagreement before they go into court.
that name is common among girls
One problem which is also common to other isolated islands is a shortage of cold fresh water.
Contact with hot items, chemicals or electricity are also fairly common causes of the burn injury.
Today it is common to see men taking care of their children in public.
One thing is certain the once common cuckoo is now very rare indeed.
All three are human systems and all three share characteristics common to human systems.
The first measures to divide the common lands among local communities were taken in the late 1780s.
Grouse, ravens and buzzards may be seen, and red deer are common .