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commodore / коммодор, командующий соединением кораблей, начальник конвоя
имя существительное
командующий соединением кораблей
начальник конвоя
имя существительное
a naval officer of high rank, in particular an officer in the US Navy or Coast Guard ranking above captain and below rear admiral.
The highest-ranking female officer in the Royal Navy is a commodore .
When they see that our commodore has a more impressive uniform than their commodore , they will roll out the red carpet for me all the way from the dock to the bar.
If, as is generally accepted, a commodore is needed to head the group, questions arise over his or her jurisdiction over the air group.
Mr Harris was commodore at the Maldon Little Ship Club from April 2001 to March 2003, carrying out charity work on the club's behalf.
On promotion to commodore in December 1993 he became Director General, Naval Policy and Warfare, with responsibilities for development and co-ordination of strategic policy.
I recently became commodore of a large boat club.
Before he knew it, the pirate found himself facing another commodore .
He was the commodore of the yacht club - everyone called him The Commodore - but all the kids were scared to sail with him.
He was also the first commodore of the Broome yacht club, and has been part of many community organisations over the years.
When the day arrived after weeks of publicity and hype, sailors gathered at the Royal Varuna Yacht Club to register for their former commodore 's yacht race.
The instructor passes a question about Maydays onto the commodore , as she has more experience of them than him.