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commodity / товар, продукт, предмет потребления
имя существительное
goods, commodity, merchandise, shipment
product, produce, output, commodity, outgrowth, offspring
предмет потребления
имя существительное
a raw material or primary agricultural product that can be bought and sold, such as copper or coffee.
Exports of primary commodities and the import of finished products are not favourable for any country.
Space was a precious commodity on sailing ships, and decks were kept as clear as possible.
Water is a very scarce, precious and essential commodity and it is essential for survival.
The company continues with its ongoing strategy of moving away from commodity products.
His wife hails from Hamburg, Germany, and he had a spell working as a commodity broker for a bank.
We need more flexibility in the system, as time with patients is a valuable commodity .
His time is a valuable commodity , and when reporters are denied it, they can become annoyed.
After all, it is precisely because music is a commodity that producing it is such a struggle.
The performance of many is closely linked to trends in commodity prices and raw materials.
commodity markets
Industry credibility, he says, was always going to be a far more valuable commodity than hype and exposure.