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committee / комитет, комиссия, опекун
имя существительное
committee, bureau, standing commission
commission, committee, panel
guardian, custodian, trustee, tutor, conservator, committee
имя существительное
a group of people appointed for a specific function, typically consisting of members of a larger group.
the housing committee
a person entrusted with the charge of another person or another person's property.
Members of the carnival committee scour Europe for the best street performers.
Leaving judgement to a parliamentary committee invites a decision on party lines.
The members of the committee will have to go back and talk about the issue until they can come to a decision.
As the committee members agreed, the office has put out some very effective reports.
Also, many thanks to all the committee members who generously gave of their time.
I am a member of that committee , and I am sure that we will give the bill the attention it deserves.
Full credit to the members of the organising committee who worked so hard to make the night such a success.
a committee meeting
a committee meeting
Another way of looking at the point raised in committee is that if the bill is to benefit the language then it will cost money.