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committal / совершение, передача, заключение под стражу
имя существительное
commission, commitment, perpetration, committal
broadcast, transfer, transmission, gear, pass, committal
заключение под стражу
commitment, committal
имя существительное
the action of sending a person to an institution, especially prison or a psychiatric hospital.
his committal to prison
the burial of a corpse.
Today hundreds of mourners were due to attend a joint funeral service at All Saints and Martyrs, Wood Street, in Langley, followed by committal at Blackley crematorium.
Whenever there is a reasonable alternative available instead of committal to prison, that alternative must be taken.
his committal to prison
A service will be held at Overdale Crematorium's West Chapel before committal at 3pm on Monday.
A funeral service will be held at 11.30 am on Tuesday followed by committal at Howe Bridge Crematorium.
The commission has also called for changes in the wording of the Bill so that committal to a designated centre was not the only option open to the judiciary if questions arose about a defendant's mental fitness.
It may be the only thing that kept me from complete depression and committal to a mental hospital.
In family cases committal to prison was regarded as a last resort.
The Oldham Scottish Pipe Band will lead the cortège into All Saints' Church for the service at 2pm before committal at the Crematorium at 3pm.
After the service, the funeral cortège made its way to Rochdale Crematorium for committal .
Her funeral was due to take place at today at St Peter's Church, Darwen, followed by the committal at Pleasington Crematorium followed by a gathering at the Whitehall Country Club.