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commissary / комиссар, уполномоченный, интендант
имя существительное
commissioner, commissar, commissary
representative, plenipotentiary, proxy, envoy, commissary, assignee
quartermaster, intendant, commissary
имя существительное
a restaurant in a movie studio, military base, prison, or other institution.
The restaurants paid the commissary a price for supplies that left their food costs at 28% to 29% of revenues.
a deputy or delegate.
For instance, we are trying to teach French to the new European commissaries .
Current services include a child care center, recreation center, community club, fitness center, Army community services, skeet club, commissary and post office.
One early focus was the company's commissary , which imported olive oil, cheese, and other ingredients from Italy and then made sauces, salad dressings, and pastas by hand.
Clive conquered and organized Bengal for the East India Company He first went to Madras as a clerk in 1743 and by 1749 had won the lucrative appointment of military commissary .
I used to go to the commissary with him and sit next to people that were dressed like Indian chiefs and cowboys and monsters.
Take advantage of such military benefits as the commissary , Post Exchange, thrift shop, tuition assistance, health care, recreation centers and movie theaters.
I am on my way to the commissary for coffee and you haven't eaten in days.
He never told the commissary to make tapioca pudding no matter how often I asked.
Although it was six miles from Keflavik, the site had its own base exchange, commissary , gym, theater and club.
A boarding house/hotel and commissary was also on the property.
I told Nicole we'd go down to the commissary and get her something to eat.