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commiseration / сочувствие, соболезнование
имя существительное
sympathy, compassion, empathy, feeling, commiseration, condolence
condolence, commiseration
имя существительное
sympathy and sorrow for the misfortunes of others; compassion.
the other actors offered him clumsy commiseration
expressions of sympathy and sorrow for another.
our commiserations to those who didn't win
He simply didn't wish to degrade either of their sensibilities with points of commiseration .
Our society is drowning in a sea of alcohol; every celebration or commiseration is awash with it.
On Wednesday, an embarrassed American student came in search of commiseration .
In commiseration I let him know things could have been worse.
the other actors offered him clumsy commiseration
Not a word of apology or commiseration or anything, including common courtesy, did I get from her.
the other actors offered him clumsy commiseration
She sat down without a word, simply exchanging a quick glance with Jane, whose eyes flashed with gentle commiseration .
The great damage people have suffered during the past fifteen-year struggle in Kashmir have failed to evoke commiseration from the world community.
This time, Billy Stone came prepared with more than words of commiseration .