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commiserate / сочувствовать, соболезновать, выражать соболезнование
sympathize, compassion, commiserate, compassionate, feel for, condole
condole, commiserate, pity
выражать соболезнование
commiserate, condole
express or feel sympathy or pity; sympathize.
she went over to commiserate with Rose on her unfortunate circumstances
They congratulate you on the streets after a victory and commiserate with you, or ask you what happened when you lose.
She was to go up to the house when she came home to commiserate with them.
The young ones don't complain, nor do they want us to commiserate with them.
So I called Chris - figured he could commiserate with me, since he got laid off from the same company about 6 months ago or so.
We will have 24 hours to think about the game, to have a few drinks and commiserate with each other, and then tomorrow we will get back to work.
I would also like to commiserate with the unsuccessful candidates.
After her novel was turned down by publishers and dropped by her agent, she created the site to commiserate with other aspiring authors.
she went over to commiserate with Rose on her unfortunate circumstances
She knew of his death and was to commiserate with his family had she returned home on Sunday.
She must certainly come to commiserate with the poor woman on having had such ill fortune for so long.