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commercialize / превращать в источник прибыли, ставить на коммерческую ногу
превращать в источник прибыли
ставить на коммерческую ногу
manage or exploit (an organization, activity, etc.) in a way designed to make a profit.
the museum has been commercialized
He has suggested putting us in touch with people to commercialize our work, but we are not following this now.
In 1551, Antwerp's aldermen had begun a campaign to develop and commercialize their city's southeastern quadrant.
In other instances, institutions may seek to commercialize materials that faculty produce for regular courses.
They take the science and couple it with their engineers to commercialize the process.
‘But it will be ten years before we can drive down the costs enough to commercialize the material,’ he notes.
We are working hard to commercialise this science and will be doing the essential clinical trials until the end of next year.
What it is really good at is developing innovations and commercializing them.
Encourage them to look more at commercialising the innovation that they have on their campuses.
The education minister was especially caustic about the commercialization of education by a section of the teachers.
After all, this is a country that's notorious for having to commercialise its innovations overseas.