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commercialism / торгашеский дух
имя существительное
торгашеский дух
имя существительное
emphasis on the maximizing of profit.
deficits prompted efforts for greater commercialism
At the same time, she emphasised that the crass commercialism of children's television reinforced consumer culture.
There was a conscious effort to keep out commercialism and protect the surrounding land of the village.
Personally, I'm happy to avoid the gross commercialism of this Western holiday.
The right amalgam of commercialism and professionalism in marketing has ensured that the flow of money is the envy of many.
It has launched a media literacy site for kids that helps them learn about commercialism and advertising.
As I continued to move through the town, I was aware of a new range of commercialism that seems to have taken hold of the merchants since the earthquake.
It also stimulated debate on modernism and tradition, on commercialism and social ideology.
the issue of creeping commercialism in schools
It was limited in its size, and the size of the arena is the key to its profitability and commercialism .
I knew from the beginning that commerce and commercialism would come to the space, and I welcome it.