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commercial / коммерческий, торговый, доходный
имя прилагательное
commercial, merchant, mercantile
trade, trading, commercial, sales, merchant, mercantile
profitable, commercial, lucrative, gainful, paying, payable
имя существительное
advertising, advertisement, ad, commercial, publicity, promotion
traveling salesman, salesman, commercial traveler, tout, traveler, commercial
коммерческая радиопередача
commercial, commercial broadcast
имя прилагательное
concerned with or engaged in commerce.
a commercial agreement
making or intended to make a profit.
commercial products
(of television or radio) funded by the revenue from broadcast advertisements.
The adventure has been covered by a film crew for a documentary to be broadcast on satellite and commercial television stations across Italy.
(of chemicals) supplied in bulk and not of the highest purity.
In its most broad definition, Mr. James believes, to garden organically is to do so without the aid of commercial chemicals.
имя существительное
a television or radio advertisement.
Its mass marketing includes print advertisements and radio and television commercials .
Such banks conducted the usual banking activities but their activities were confined to purely commercial transactions.
However, it was arguably the activities of commercial rivals, not concerns about bad publicity, which finally made the bank back down.
The English league's commercial success rests on the quality of the product, which is often passionate, exciting and uncertain.
These agreements seek to apply commercial rules to all areas of policy, paying little regard to social or environmental impacts.
Rahul is seen as a ‘serious’ actor who stars in art films rather than mainstream commercial Bollywood releases.
Today most of the films are having more of commercial value than quality and are packed with themes and scenes that can match the taste of youth.
Consider that when you see a commercial for a blatantly wasteful product.
The television commercial will hit the screens tomorrow.
His approach is to take over ageing sites, invest in them and turn them into modern, highly attractive commercial concerns.
However, as Sue is a long-time reader rather than a passing commercial opportunist, we'll let her get away with it.