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commentary / комментарий, дикторский текст
имя существительное
comment, commentary
дикторский текст
narration, commentary
имя существительное
an expression of opinions or offering of explanations explanations about an event or situation.
an editorial commentary
The commentary team went crazy for the second and third Mexico goals.
Hoekstra, who was not involved in the new study, wrote an accompanying commentary in Nature.
an editorial commentary
Gone are the days when we waited for the morning newspaper to fill in crucial gaps in the radio commentary of a cricket match.
A small onstage screen will give a running commentary in English.
Moreover, the author's commentary on events is sensible, and the work is well illustrated and attractive.
Each is accompanied by the author's informative commentary which ranges from Roman roads to last century's shopkeepers.
The commentary in the book describing the Ashmolean Museum Collection states that: Figure 4 above shows a bronze buckle from the Caucasus Mountains, from the Old Hellenic Period, found in Georgia.
A competent catalogue with the usual high-quality illustrations and commentary accompanies the exhibition.
The commentary to both texts notes that significant harm need not be substantial but must be ‘more than trivial’.