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comment / комментарий, отзыв, замечание
имя существительное
comment, commentary
recall, comment, account, chit, mention
comment, remark, observation, note, reprimand, admonition
comment, annotate, commentate
делать замечания
comment, correct
высказывать мнение
comment, opine, report, speak one's mind
имя существительное
a verbal or written remark expressing an opinion or reaction.
you asked for comments on the new proposals
express (an opinion or reaction).
the review commented that the book was agreeably written
Once it became publicized, the bureau's gaffe generated much clucking and snide comment on the nature of incompetence.
‘The Ringmaster’, from the contemporary popular culture series, incorporates subtle political comment into a circus poster format.
Adelaide police will not comment publicly on the case.
The company did not wish to comment at this stage.
Laurel Canyon is trying to make a social comment but as the film fails to be really engaging it is lost underneath all the soap opera.
McCarty looked at the butler and, without comment , handed him a covered dish.
We invited Erich Goode to submit a brief comment in response to Glenn Sparks's article.
Before we address the potential significance of our findings, some technical issues deserve comment .
Still, you do get a fair amount of critical comment in the newspapers and the print media.
the film is a comment on urban life