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commendation / похвала, объявление благодарности в приказе
имя существительное
praise, compliment, commendation, credit, panegyric, recommendation
объявление благодарности в приказе
имя существительное
the film deserved the highest commendation
A local police officer has been awarded a commendation for bravery after wrestling a gun from a man in a casino last April.
The cinematic look of the film deserves commendation alone and the director is a talent to look out for.
He should be getting letters of commendation , not threats.
This becomes an accomplishment that deserves commendation .
As a community we owe these workers a huge thank you and commendation .
They deserve commendation and much thanks, especially as their work is all of a voluntary nature.
In a proper case I do not consider that that is a ground for criticism but for commendation .
‘Surely, this is good development by all standards and Government deserves commendation for facilitating it,’ Mr Mubanga said.
And Ross himself deserves special commendation for producing such a revealing record of these efforts.
An officer who plunged into the surf to save a drowning sailor has been awarded a commendation for his bravery.