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commend / рекомендовать, хвалить, вверять
recommend, advise, commend, counsel
praise, commend, compliment, laud, talk up, glorify
entrust, commit, trust, commend, intrust, confide
praise formally or officially.
he was commended by the judge for his courageous actions
entrust someone or something to.
I commend them to your care
Fire officers plan to officially commend Jonathan for his bravery.
I commend this suggestion to your readers, to the national park, and to the owners of the site.
You've also been a great help and even an inspiration to many people, and I commend you and actually admire you for that.
the emphasis on peace will commend itself to all
We commend this constitution to the Prime Minister, his Cabinet, the opposition, the judiciary and all Government officials.
Cynical consultants would expect the Department of Health to suggest such a move, but it is quite astonishing that the BMA should not just suggest but commend this to us and at standard rates of pay.
I thank the select committee for its consideration of the bill, and I commend the committee's report to the House.
this recording has a lot to commend it
I commend this motion to the House as a declaration of support for the McCartney family and their pursuit for justice.
I applaud the work that has been done by the select committee, and I commend this work, as it is shaped, to the House.