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commencement / начало, актовый день, акт
имя существительное
start, starting, beginning, outbreak, origin, commencement
актовый день
commencement, speech-day
act, certificate, instrument, deed, report, commencement
имя существительное
a beginning or start.
at the commencement of training
a ceremony in which degrees or diplomas are conferred on graduating students.
a commencement address
the date of commencement
At the commencement of the trial, the parties had settled the child custody and access issues.
Please note that you must have written permission from your parents before commencement of training.
March this year saw the second trial phase and the commencement of full production.
A date in September has yet to be confirmed for the commencement of services for in-patients.
For various reasons, not all graduates can or do attend their commencement ceremony.
The year also saw the commencement of a major property development programme throughout the region.
Asian University hosted its annual commencement ceremony last week.
The temple has a record of these jewels, which are taken out of the safe a few days prior to the commencement of the festival.
The honorary degree will be conferred during commencement weekend this May.