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commemoration / ознаменование, поминовение, празднование годовщины
имя существительное
commemoration, memorial
празднование годовщины
commemoration, encaenia
имя существительное
remembrance, typically expressed in a ceremony.
solemn ceremonies of commemoration
This time I was back for a ceremony of commemoration .
These are places of origin, ceremony, commemoration , and vision questing.
Today, pro-life activists are continuing the commemoration with a national March for Life in Washington and other events.
the window was ordered by the duchess in commemoration of her son
Afterward veterans joined their old comrades-in-arms from The Green Howards for a simple but heartfelt ceremony of commemoration .
March 22 remains a day of national commemoration , with ceremonies held at the monument and at cemeteries in Barnako.
Four days after bonfire night I took part, with thousands of people all round the country, in another commemoration - Remembrance Sunday.
I hope that everyone will choose to use the logo and identify their own commemoration and remembrance activities with official commemorations across the country.
The date of the commemoration is June 19th 2004.
Town centre workers fell silent for two minutes while around 100 people gathered for a second service outside the town hall to mark the official commemoration of Remembrance Day.